Tracking Systems



  • Datalogger, keypad, multiple sensors, antenna, door lock sensors, and radiation detector.
  • The system can monitor sources 24 hrs/day.
  • Employees check out sources with out alarm using their user name and password. The user name and password also allow entry into the source area by keypad.
  • Real-time data acquisition.
  • Source handlers identified by ID/Passcode.
  • System works on Satellite and or Cellular service.
  • When returning the source, the system calibrates the detector and compares to the previous original count.
  • System powered by 12 volt car battery.
  • Inventory control of all sources as they travel.
  • User has passwords, allowing only authorized people to use sources.
  • Reports allow usage and time for accounting purposes.
  • Notification by SMS to cell phone. Up to 3 numbers.
  • Other alarms or cameras can be easily added to the system.
  • Web site access to information anywhere in the world.
  • Mapping of source as it travels.
  • Ability to lock source in location for overnight stays in hostile areas.

Information Highway

  • Monitor vehicle location in “real-time”
  • 24 hour monitoring of radioactive materials
  • 24 hour monitoring of employees’ activity
  • Telephone/pager notification of a violation