LOW Vans


Alpha Neutronics, Inc. was tasked by the Department of Energy at the Hanford site to upgrade the Liquid Observation Well (LOW) user interface software and computer hardware system. The upgrade was designed to migrate from a DOS based Graphic User Interface (GUI) to a Windows 7 based GUI integrating the current system in the van.

The upgrade was designed specifically to:

  • Improve new interface
  • Enhance Operator’s ability to perform daily tasks
  • Allow engineer or data analysis to remotely Create, Read, Update and Delete parameters on individual or all vans
  • Replace existing software (Process_LOW.exe)
  • Capture all the data transfers wirelessly from all vans
  • Provide data correction process before storing data in database

Part of the upgrading process included interfacing the LOW controller panel, which used a serial port as a means of communication, to a USB interface cable capable of allowing the new hardware/ software to communicate with the LOW controller panel. The new LOW system performed the same basic user functions but stored data in a local SQL Server 2012 R2 database. The user software provided a wireless communication for transferring the data logs to the central surveillance data processing system.

The Software Architecture kept the current user and system warning while providing a means for the Operator to:
  • Log-In
  • Perform Depth Calibrations
  • Perform Pre/Post Probe Calibrations
  • Select Run process
  • Transfer Data

The new design of the LOW Engineering Software allowed the engineer to remotely log in to the database and update parameters to each or all vans as needed. The server service managed all the data transfers which captured, processed and stored the logs to the database.