Argonne National Labs


Argonne National Laboratories (ANL) contracted Alpha Neutronics, Inc. to create and build a Satellite Tracking and Communications System for the DOE/EM-60 Transportation Demo Project in 2008.

Alpha Neutronics, Inc. was responsible for:

  • Developing a methodology to accept sensor datagram output from ANL RFID Reader active online tracking
  • Transportation maps to show planned routes, portion completed and present positions on a newly designed webpage.
  • Display alarm state on map if preset sensor threshold is exceeded
  • Design webpage that displays summary tag data in tabulated form

Specifics on the Datagram included:

  • Drum ID, Tag Id, Tag status, seal integrity, temperature, humidity, shock and batter conditions
  • Tracking Data included latitude, longitude, distance, speed, heading, vehicle movement event, time stamp and battery voltage

Webpage Design included:

  • Automatic updates at fixed intervals
  • Date/Time, drum ID, tag ID, and tag status included in table
  • Seal integrity, temperature, humidity, shock, battery condition and longitude/latitude positions also included in requested table
  • Page store periodically for archive
  • Alarm state display
  • Storage of all alarm pages