The ARM – SX is a Survey Meter that detects Golden Engineering pulse X-Ray radiation. The ARM – SX provides an easy to read top view screen that displays total pulse counts and dose output. The ARM – SX provides total dose output in both integral and a reset mode.


Key features for the Survey Meter include:

  • Select Golden Engineering Pulse X-Ray source
    • XR150
    • XR200
    • XRS3
    • XRS4
  • Integral/Reset Read out Mode
  • Display Counts On/Off Option
  • Read out in either Rems or Sieverts

Hardware Specifications:

  • Detectors
    • Si Diode
  • GM Tube
    • Sensitivity
    • .6mR – 999 mR

Hardware Specifications

Set up time Seconds to functionality
Battery Details Low battery indicator lasts 3 months on a 9 volt Lithium battery
Operating Temperature -40° C to + 75° C
Sturdy & Reliable Withstands 3′ drop to concrete floor
Humidity Up to 100%
Altitude 40,000 ft.
Physical Dimensions 4.39 in. (L) x 2.37 in. (W) x 1.5 in. (D)
Detector Dual GM tube type Si Diode
Detector Range 2 mR/hr to 6 R/hr
Gamma Ray Response = +/- 10%
X-ray Response = +/- 10%
LCD Display Readout Updated every second