Rate Meter

Presentable audio & vibration alarm.

Adjustable over entire range 2 levels to indicate minor or severe hazards.

  • Two User defined set Rate Alarms
    • Example: Alarm 1 = 50mR/Hr
    • Example: Alarm 2 = 100mR/Hr
  • One Fixed set Rate Alarm
    • Example: Rate Alarm = 500mR/Hr


Meter Comparison


Survey Meter Operation

The Survey Meter gives you the ability to record nine survey positions to allow the user to fill-out the shipping papers for radioactive material or required readings for restricted areas.

Surveying in Progress


Once Recording is completed the RS will show the survey positions and dose rate.

Record Survey Position 1


Truck Survey Positions


Hardware Specifications

LCD Display Readout Updated every second
Set up time Seconds to functionality
Battery Details Low battery indicator lasts 3 months on a 9 volt Lithium battery
Operating Temperature -40° C to + 75° C
Sturdy & Reliable Withstands 3′ drop to concrete floor
Humidity Up to 100%
Altitude 40,000 ft.
Physical Dimensions 4.39 in. (L) x 2.37 in. (W) x 1.5 in. (D)
Rate Meter
Detector Gm tube
Detector Range 2 mR/hr to 6 R/hr
Survey Meter
Detector Gm tube
Detector Range 80 mR/hr to 6 R/hr