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Alpha Neutronics, Inc. is a diverse and expanding company that provides Radioactive Material Management for Today and Tomorrow. Our product lines include personal rate meters, survey meter and dosimeters; Cased Hole oilfield logging tools, and wireless systems for spectral analysis and radioactive assay logging systems which includes software for mainframe and networking data collection and archiving requirements.

NAICS Code #541330

NCR Code Title 10-CFR34

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Alpha Neutronics formerly know as Greenspan Environmental a sister company to Greenspan, Inc. was incorporated in Houston, Texas. With over 50 years of oilfield logging tool experience, monitoring radioactive sources is a natural extension of our expertise. Oilfield sources are typically used for oil exploration and many are listed on the IAEA list as sources of concern. Alpha Neutronics has manufactured tools and vehicles for the oil services industry as well as environmental companies. As one of the first companies to transfer oilfield technology to the environmental field, Alpha Neutonics has worked in Hanford, Washington for the DOE. Alpha Neutronics has also helped with aquifer characterization in Idaho, as well as assay analysis in Colorado. Using state of the art technology, Alpha Neutronics equipment has saved the DOE millions of dollars. This experience puts us in a prime position to manufacture equipment allowing us to monitor and track sources globally. Joining forces with industry leaders in the telecommunications and GPS fields our equipment is designed for today, as well as tomorrow.